5 Benefits Of Smile Makeovers

Are you self-conscious of your misaligned, discolored, or chipped teeth? With all of your upcoming plans this summer, you want to enjoy the company you’re surrounded by instead of worrying about what they think of your grin. While you know smile makeovers in Reston will help boost your confidence and improve your smile, you’re curious about what other benefits they have to offer. Read on to learn about 5 benefits cosmetic services could offer you besides a grin you’re not afraid to show off.


If you have fast-approaching events like a summer wedding or family reunion, a smile makeover can offer you results you won’t have to wait on. Making improvements such as teeth whitening or fixing small chips or cracks can be done in as little as one appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Reston. Not to mention, the results can last years, so even if you have an event a year from now, you’ll still be able to enjoy your improved smile.


In order to sound things out, your tongue interacts with your teeth and other areas of your mouth. A simple crack or chipped tooth in the front of your mouth can alter your ability to pronounce words and create a lisp or whistling noise. By repairing these problems, you can talk more smoothly and focus on the conversation at hand with someone new you met instead of your noticeable speech impairment.


Similarly to how a cracked or damaged tooth can affect your pronunciation, it can also change your bite pattern and chewing ability. When trying to bite a crunchy or chewy food, damaged teeth can make it difficult. Certain foods can even become impossible to eat. While your smile makeover’s main focus will be to improve your teeth’s appearance, it can also allow you to eat all the foods you enjoy more comfortably.


When you flash a noticeably fantastic smile from across a room, you’ll beam confidence and become more approachable. When you feel self-conscious about your smile, it’s easier to appear closed off and unwelcoming to conversation. A healthy and happy smile not only boosts your self-esteem but also makes you more attractive to others.


When your smile is crooked, chipped, or misaligned, it can create hard-to-brush places that plaque and food particles accumulate in. Not only can they cause your mouth to become infested with harmful bacteria, but they can also cause oral health problems like gum disease. With a straighter smile, there will be fewer places for plaque and food to build up, and you’ll be able to brush your teeth more effectively. This decreases your risk of developing common oral problems such as cavities, decay, and infection.

While an improved smile that beams confidence is a huge benefit, it’s not the only one that getting a smile makeover can offer you! This summer, don’t let discolored, cracked, or chipped teeth ruin your fun and cause your self-esteem to spiral. The best investments you can make are in yourself and your smile!


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