Cosmetic Dentist in Northern Virginia Enhances Smile

You value the health of your teeth and gums. You practice diligent home hygiene and never miss a dental appointment. As a result, you have great check-ups. Yet, you are disappointed with your smile. You cover your mouth when you laugh or smile broadly in public. Stains and a chip in a front tooth mar your smile. Don’t despair. Your cosmetic dentist in Northern Virginia, Dr. Wayne Myles, has the expertise to give you a wonderfully beautiful smile. Here are the details.


Cosmetic dentistry addresses the appearance of your teeth and gums. Integrated with preventive care, such as exams and cleanings, and with restorative dentistry which repairs decay and other threats to oral health, cosmetic dentistry improves the look and even the function of teeth and gums. Plus, when your smile looks good, you feel great–more self-confident and personable.

Your Northern Virginia cosmetic dentist and his team invest themselves in total dental wellness for all their patients. This vision includes good bite, function, health and appearance of both teeth and gums.

Here are the cosmetic dental services they offer in their makeovers. Dr. Myles uses them singly or in combination for changes that are truly dramatic.

Zoom! teeth whitening improves tooth color by up to eight shades. Performed either in office or at home, the Zoom! procedure involves application of a professional grade bleaching gel to power out surface stains caused by cigarettes, age, prescriptions or darkly colored food and drink. Teeth whitening at Smiles by Myles takes just an hour while the at-home version is more gradual but also renders sparkling results.

Cosmetic bonding covers exposed roots, small gaps, chips, and hairline cracks. A durable, color- matched resin composed of acrylic and glass sculpts away defects for a flawless results quickly. This one-visit treatment is painless and economical, too.

Gum contouring sculpts “gummy” smiles. An in-office procedure, gum contouring removes excess gum tissue to exposure more tooth structure for the best smile configuration possible.

Porcelain veneers cover extensive staining and surface imperfections with a high-quality, wafer-thin ceramic. Custom-made using oral impressions, veneers require some enamel preparation and with proper care, show outstanding beauty for years.

Porcelain crowns, tooth-colored fillings and dental implants are restorative treatments that improve smile aesthetics, too. Crowns cover the healthy portion of a damaged tooth, strengthening its structure. Composite resin fillings seamlessly repair tooth decay without obvious amalgam. A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth which replaces one lost to decay, accident, malformation or gum disease. Custom-made to exact specifications out of the highest quality materials, these restoration not only improve health, but they look natural and beautiful, too.

Six Month Smiles fix alignment issues for teeth that are straight right in that all important “smile zone.” You can have a beautiful smile in months, not years.


Dr. Myles and his dedicated team are ready to help your smile. From the simplest of aesthetic improvements to full makeovers, they deliver healthy smiles that stay beautiful for a lifetime.  Please contact Smiles by Myles today to arrange your personal consultation.


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