Dental Implants in Reston: Better Tooth Replacements

Do you need to fill a smile gap but are unsure of what replacement option is best? Dr. Wayne Myles frequently advises dental implants in his Reston area practice. Versatile, stable and long-lasting, dental implants are today’s premier dental prosthetics. Learn all about dental implants and what they can do for your smile.


Dr. Wayne Myles, dentist in Reston, has advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry and as such, understands the necessity of superior dental replacements when tooth loss occurs. If you are missing one, two or even all of your teeth, dental implants could be just what your smile needs to look, feel and function like new.

The secret of dental implant superiority is in the titanium implant device itself. Placed right into the patient’s jaw during a simple procedure with a respected oral surgeon, the dental implant and jaw bone meld together as the surgery site heals. Called osseointegration, this amazing healing process takes several weeks but practically guarantees a stable and secure foundation for a metal extension post and lifelike porcelain crown. Used in multiples, dental implants may even support fixed bridgework or full or partial dentures.

Besides their versatility, dental implants succeed and are retained in the jaw 95 percent of the time. There’s no need to replace them as they do not shift, decay or wear out, making implants the last tooth replacement a patient is likely to need. Contrast that with traditional bridges or dentures which have a typical shelf life of seven to ten years.


To evaluate if a patient can receive a dental implant or implant-supported prosthetic, your dentist in Reston performs a comprehensive oral exam, including digital X-rays and three-dimensional imaging as needed. The patient should have sufficiently dense bone and disease-free gums. Additionally, good candidates practice routine at-home brushing and flossing and receive regular exams and cleanings at Smiles by Myles. While smokers can receive implants, smoking cessation is recommended because the toxins from cigarettes can infect gum tissue and bone surrounding implants, necessitating their removal.

With a decision made to go ahead with the implant procedure, Dr. Myles enlists the help of a trusted oral surgeon. This dentist incises the gums at the implant site, drills a small hole in the bone and inserts the implant screw. He or she closes the site with sutures. After healing is complete, the patient returns to Dr. Myles for restoration of the implant device with a custom-made porcelain crown or other prosthetic.


When people lose teeth, their self-confidence fades because they are embarrassed to show a gapped smile in public. Also, tooth loss causes jaw bone deterioration and gum recession, and neighboring teeth are affected, too, as they drift toward the smile gap. Finally, tooth loss compromises speech and the ability to bite and chew favorite foods.


Find out if dental implants are right for you. Contact Smiles by Myles in Reston for an appointment. You’ll meet with Dr. Myles personally. He will answer all your questions and tell you if implants are your best tooth replacement choice.


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