Just thinking about a visit to the dentist causes extreme fear and anxiety for many patients. Fortunately, Dr. Myles offers sedation dentistry to help take that fear away. There is a range of safe, widely prescribed drugs that can alleviate your dental anxiety and help you relax during your appointments. If you have been avoiding the dentist and would like to learn more about oral sedation and how it could affect the cost of your dental care, contact us today. We provide general dentistry services for new and existing patients in Reston, VA.


Between 9-20% of Americans avoid appropriate, timely dental care due to fear or anxiety. Some people experience such intense emotions they may feel sick to their stomachs or panic at the thought of visiting the dentist. Dental phobia patients may avoid the dentist for years, and suffer unnecessary oral health problems and pain. Unfortunately, avoidance can lead to even more serious teeth complications, such as infected gums, trouble eating comfortably, and impacting self-confidence due to decayed teeth or bad breath.

Some factors that can lead to the development of dental phobia include having a poor or painful experience at the dentist’s office in the past, extreme sensitivity to dental treatment, self-consciousness about the condition of your teeth, or fear of the unknown. Dr. Myles and his team understand that many patients experience these worries, and they want you to be at ease. We can help break the cycle of avoiding the dentist and delaying dental appointments so you can get the routine oral care and dental treatments you want and need.


Oral sedation involves using commonly prescribed sedation medications, called benzodiazepines, to help patients relax. These medications have been subjected to rigorous study and have been found to be safe and effective for most dental patients, with a low risk of side effects.

If you are a good candidate for oral sedation, Dr. Myles will select an appropriate anti-anxiety or sedative drug for you to take at a pre-determined time before your appointment. Dr. Myles will choose the medication based on your level of anxiety, the length of your dental appointment, and which type of procedure you are undergoing. Your sedative will allow you to enter a state of total comfort and near-sleep, but you will still be able to answer questions. Some sedatives have amnesic effects, so you may leave the office with little memory of your appointment.

Because the sedative may cause drowsiness that can last for a few hours, you will need to have someone drive you home from your appointment. Afterward, you may be surprised to find you actually had a positive experience at the dentist. Some patients say they wish they had tried sedation dentistry years earlier so they could have avoided delaying their dental care.


The main benefit of oral sedation is that it eases your anxiety so you can take control of your dental care. Additional benefits include:

  • Ease of administration (only involves taking a pill)
  • Safe and effective
  • No needles involved
  • Amnesic effect
  • Lower cost than intravenous (IV) sedation
  • Relaxed patients are easier to treat than anxious patients
  • Receiving care now can help you avoid more serious complications and costlier treatment in the future


Dr. Myles understands the tremendous importance of making oral sedation available to all of our patients, and he is currently offering sedation at 1/2 off of the regular fee.


Your oral health is priceless. If you experience dental anxiety, oral sedation may be one of the best investments you can make. Contact our Reston office at (703) 925-0800 or schedule an appointment online today to find out how you can have a safe and comfortable dental experience.


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