Reston sedation dentist: “When was your last dental visit?”

What’s keeping you from going to the dentist? Is it fear? You’re not the only person who suffers from dental phobia. The British Health Foundation has studied this problem and concludes that at least 30 to 40 million people fear dental visits–and postpone care they desperately need. Reston sedation dentist, Dr. Wayne Myles, offers ways to calm patients for fear-free dentistry.


Sometimes people develop a fear of the dentist that is so bad it’s classified as a phobia. Symptoms include:

  • Sweaty palms
  • A racing heart
  • Insomnia
  • Pacing
  • Stomach upset

Extremely fearful patients continually postpone appointments and even stop going to the dentist altogether–to the point where teeth fracture, smiles are unattractive and advanced gum disease develops.

Why are people so afraid? Sometimes, they have had bad experiences at a dental office. Pain, judgmental doctors or assistants, and failed treatments can all play apart in this avoidance behavior.

Dr. Wayne Myles says other reasons are claustrophobia, a sensitive gag reflex, low pain threshold, sensitive teeth, and an out of control feeling. Some patients just can’t sit still in the dental chair due to physical limitations. Other individuals are very embarrassed about the condition and appearance of their teeth.


First, you need a dental practice that understands nervousness and offers an environment that is patient-centered, calm and friendly. Second, you may need a little help with special medications that remove the fear. These medications go beyond simple pain shots that numb gums and teeth undergoing fillings or other restorative treatments.

Dr. Wayne Myles is a true sedation dentist serving the Reston and Northern Virginia area. Fully certified in Sedation Dentistry through the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, Dr. Myles can recommend calming medicine for you to take prior to your dental appointment.

Oral conscious sedation is basically a tranquilizer in pill form. Commonly used drugs are Valium, Versed, Ativan and Halcion.

During a sedation dentistry consultation, Dr. Myles will review your medical and medication history to determine if oral conscious sedation is appropriate for you. If it is, he will prescribe a dosage to be taken at home before your dental appointment.

During dental treatments, your oral sedation allows you to completely relax. In fact, you may be so drowsy you drop off to sleep and nap through the entire appointment. People can usually still respond to simple commands, but when they awaken, they have little or no memory of their treatments.

A responsible adult must drive the sedated individual home. Typically, patients state they have never had easier, more comfortable dental visits. And right now, your Northern Virginia and Reston sedation dentist is offering half off oral conscious sedation for qualified patients.


Sedation dentistry enables people to get back into the routine of regular dental care. And, their smiles show it. Contact Smiles by Myles today to arrange your sedation dentistry consultation.


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