TOOTH-COLORED FILLINGS Reston, VA In the United States, about 91 percent of adults from the age of 20 to 64 have had a cavity, according to a report published by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. At Smiles by Myles, Dr. Wayne Myles is dedicated to providing patients with preventive cosmetic dental treatments that save them […]


SLEEP APNEA TREATMENT Reston, VA Sleep Apnea has been linked to excessive tiredness, depression, and reduced resistance to infection. When left untreated, sleep apnea can increase the risk of heart attack, hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, catching a cold, and even death. Sleep apnea can have a significant impact on the quality of life, […]


SINGLE TOOTH IMPLANTS Reston, VA At Smiles by Myles, we’ve been delivering exceptional dental care for generations of Reston area families. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, we rely on the most effective treatment methods and materials as well as advanced technologies in order to recreate your lost teeth and put a smile back […]


IMPLANT-SUPPORTED BRIDGE Reston, VA The Smiles by Myles team in Reston offers a variety of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services in a state-of-the-art, family-friendly dental office. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, our team is here to help with comprehensive restoration options, including dental implant-supported tooth replacements. Following the loss of one or more teeth, […]


HOW DENTAL IMPLANTS WORK Reston, VA If you are tired of living with the complications of tooth loss, you likely have heard about the benefits dental implants can offer. As the most predictable and reliable solution to replace missing teeth, Dr. Wayne Myles can help you regain your quality of life with dental implant treatment in Reston, […]


COST OF DENTAL IMPLANTS Reston, VA An Investment in Your Health & Confidence Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. Indeed, these remarkable little devices are truly the next best thing to a healthy, natural set of pearly whites. Still, many patients hesitate to commit to implants because they have […]


CARING FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS Reston, VA Help Your New Smile Last For Life Are you ready to start your journey to a complete smile with dental implants? That is great! While you are excited to begin the process, you are probably a little concerned about your recovery and what you can expect as you heal. You have […]


ALL ON FOUR Reston, VA Replace A Full Row Of Teeth At Once with All-On-4 Implants! Replacing a full row of missing teeth can be a nerve-wracking experience for patients, but at Smiles by Myles, we’re here to help take all the stress off of our patients’ shoulders. We work with dental patients to fully […]


DENTAL IMPLANTS Reston, VA Are you missing one or more of your natural teeth? Are you looking for an effective, long-term solution for your damaged smile? At Smiles by Myles, Dr. Wayne Myles works hand-in-hand with an elite dental implant surgeon to create a one-of-a-kind dental implant restoration that can be customized to your exact needs. Dr. […]

Dentures Partials

DENTURES & PARTIALS Reston, VA Dr. Wayne Myles offers full and partial dentures and additional restorative dental treatments in Reston, VA. Unlike the dentures of yesteryear, which took at least five dental visits and numerous adjustments to make, digital dentures are generally made in just two appointments. By using CAD-CAM technology, a denture can be […]


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