Dr. Wayne Myles Announcement of a Successful Sedation Case

Reston, Northern Virginia – Cosmetic dentist Wayne Myles has announced the completion of a successful sedation dentistry and full mouth reconstruction case for a patient who had gone 10 years without visiting the dentist.

Dr. Wayne Myles and his staff recently received a glowing review from a patient who comfortably underwent a series of dental treatments to restore the health of her mouth, after neglecting dental care for more than 10 years. After this extended period without any dental care, this patient found it difficult to eat and sleep as a result of tooth pain; she was also embarrassed about the appearance of her smile. After making the call to his Northern Virginia cosmetic dentistry practice, Smiles by Myles, this patient was pleasantly surprised to receive a response that was both compassionate and understanding. Instead of the reprimand and judgment that she expected, this patient describes the care she received as being,

“So compassionate and understanding that I could actually feel my racing heart slow down.”

This combination of professionalism and friendliness, combined with the use of sedation dentistry, made it possible for this patient to receive the dental care she needed to improve her oral health and get her life back on track. Her experience with us was far more pleasant than she expected.

“Dr. Myles has been, quite simply, a joy. He is smart, funny, and totally dedicated to being the best in his field…. He made my physical comfort a top priority and thoroughly explained each procedure to maximize my mental well being as well. My anxiety was reduced to (almost) zero throughout the course of an extended dental process because I trusted this team on every level and knew exactly what to expect each step of the way.”


Dr. Myles was able to further alleviate this patient’s fears with the use of sedation dentistry. At his Northern Virginia office in Reston, Dr. Myles will prescribe or administer the appropriate dosage of an anti-anxiety or sedation drug to put patients at ease for their dental appointments. These medications are taken at a pre-determined time before the dental appointment begins so patients feel relaxed before and during their appointments. With sedation dentistry, patients are able to reach a state of comfort and relaxation that lasts throughout the dental appointment. Some patients are even able to sleep during their dental treatments. Sedation dentistry may be a good option for patients who have experienced any of the following:

  • Fear or anxiety regarding the dentist
  • Neglected oral health care as a result of this fear
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Difficulty responding to local anesthetic

Depending on the severity of these symptoms, Dr. Myles can use sedation dentistry for general dentistry such as basic dental exams and cleanings, or for restorative dentistry procedures such as fillings, dental crowns, and dental bridges.

For the most recent case, the sedation dentistry experience was a complete success.

“I was respected and treated to what I believe is the best care in the area. Did I mention I never experienced any pain? Or had to wait? Unbelievable.”

Contact Dr. Wayne Myles practice, Smiles by Myles, is located at:

11730 Plaza America Dr. #110

Reston, VA 20190

Those interested in learning more about sedation dentistry can contact Dr. Myles practice through his website, or by calling (571) 536-7885.


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