How Do I Floss Dental Implants in Reston?

Dental implants in Reston allow you to regain the next best thing to your natural teeth. When compared to traditional tooth replacement options, like a bridge and crowns, you will enjoy added security and stability with the use of implant posts. With over a 95% success rate and the potential to last for a lifetime, you will make a long-term investment in your quality of life; however, their longevity relies on how well you care for them. In addition to brushing, it is best to take the time each day to floss.


Although dental implants are not subject to tooth decay, their long-term success relies on how well you care for them. Often, it is believed that brushing is enough to ward off potential complications, but it is not. Brushing is effective for removing harmful plaque and bacteria from the crown, but your toothbrush cannot clean around the abutment.

If you do not remove the buildup from around them, it increases your risk of developing an infection that can lead to implant failure. The only way to remove the accumulation is with regular flossing.

How Do I Floss Dental Implants?

When you floss in between your natural teeth, you gently insert the floss between 2 of them to form a “C” shape around a tooth. Then, you gently slide it from the crown to the gum line and back up again. This method will not work with dental implants.

Instead, when you insert the floss, it must wrap around the abutment to form an “X” in the front. Then, you must use a back and forth motion to remove the buildup. You must do so carefully to avoid causing any irritation to the gum tissue.

For some people, this method can be a bit challenging. As an alternative to traditional flossing, you may find a water flosser to be easier.


With the right brushing and flossing habits at home, you can help to ensure that your new smile will last for several decades. While oral hygiene at home is important, it is only half of the care you need to protect the future of your dental implant.

There are still areas that you cannot clean at home even with the best brushing and flossing methods. To remove any accumulations that you have missed, it is best to visit your implant dentist in Reston at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

In addition to removing any buildup, they will also check the implants to ensure that they are still functioning as intended. With routine care, your dentist can quickly spot the signs of any complications that may lead to implant failure. With quick intervention, the problem can be treated quickly to protect your new smile.

With a proactive approach to your oral hygiene, you will safeguard your investment.


Once you’re restored, how should you go about caring for your new fixtures? Here are some easy tips:

  • Relax – Although the all-on-4 implant procedure is not considered a major surgery, it still requires that you allow your mouth to heal after it’s done. So take it easy after the procedure by following all of your dentist’s instructions, and you’ll soon be back to performing all of your normal functions.
  • Eat the Right Foods – After the procedure is done, you can consume protein shakes, smoothies and other soft foods to get vital nutrients in without risking damage to your implants.
  • Manage Your Healing – After the implants are placed, you may experience some slight discomfort, swelling and light bleeding. By taking any medications as prescribed by your dentist, you can get the relief you need. You can also insert a cotton gauze into your mouth and bite down gently to relieve discomfort and stop bleeding.
  • Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene – Finally, it’s important to gently clean your mouth after the procedure is done. Using the softest toothbrush available, you should brush your teeth and floss using a waterpik daily to remove any harmful bacteria that could cause an infection.

With the help of your implant dentist in Reston, you can reap the full benefits of the all-on-4 implant method and enjoy the results for years to come. So get ready for a life of eating your favorite foods, speaking normally and smiling with confidence!


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