Northern Virginia dentist talks about dental implants

What can you do about your missing teeth? Your appearance is suffering and so is your oral function. For many reasons, traditional bridgework and dentures aren’t appealing. The alternative is Northern Virginia dental implants from Dr. Wayne Myles, Washingtonian top dentist.


Besides the obvious aesthetic problems, smile gaps compromise the strength and position of remaining teeth as they drift to fill the space left by tooth extraction. Additionally, jaw bone and gum tissues quickly recede after tooth loss, reducing bite height, wrinkling skin and weakening facial muscles.

No dentist would recommend leaving patients with smile gaps. Instead, he or she would offer the best tooth replacement available. For patients in northern Virginia, that tooth replacement option is the dental implant.


Dr. Wayne Myles offers dental implant restorations for qualified patients in good oral and overall health. While smokers may receive implants, smoking cessation is best for oral and overall health. Plus, patients need adequate bone in their jaws to support implant devices.  After examination and x-ray imaging, Dr. Myles refers the patient to a highly-skilled oral surgeon in the area for placement of the dental implant device.

The dental implant device is a titanium screw placed right into the patient’s jaw during a brief dental surgery. The doctor incises the gums and literally screws the implant in place. He sutures the site closed. Healing takes several weeks after which the individual returns to Smiles by Myles for an extension post and custom-made porcelain crown. Dr. Myles ensures the bond, fit and bite of the dental restoration is accurate and attractive, too.


Dental implants offer patients a staggering number of advantages. While initially they are more costly than traditional bridgework, partials or full dentures, dental implants are rarely replaced and last for decades. Plus, they offer many health benefits such as:

  • Strengthened bone. Human bone melds to the titanium implant device through osseointegration. The natural forces of chewing and biting place pressure on the jaw, keeping its full size and density. In other words, the bone does not shrink.
  • Dental implants in northern Virginia replace one, two or even a full set of teeth. Implant-supported dentures confer amazing stability.
  • Long-term retention. Traditional replacement options last 5 to 10 years at best. Dental implants are a one-time placement, boasting a success rate of over 90 percent according to the Academy of Oral Implantology.
  • Easy care. Implant patients simply brush and floss their dental implants just as they would natural teeth. Plus, 6-month exams and cleanings with Dr. Myles keep oral health at its best.


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