Reston Dentist Explains The Benefits Of Fluoride

You’re no doubt familiar with fluoride in the form of fruity foam administered via a dental tray during a regular checkup, but did you know that fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found throughout the environment? While opinions may vary on just how enjoyable it is to receive fluoride treatment from your dentist (hopefully they offer a good flavor selection), there is no debate when it comes to the positive effect of fluoride on your teeth. How exactly does fluoride positively impact oral health, and how can you ensure you’re getting enough of it? Read on for your Reston dentist’s list of essential fluoride facts.


As we mentioned, most people’s familiarity with fluoride comes in the form of flavored gel or foam applied via a dental tray. This preventive technique is a staple of general dentistry  the world over, because fluoride treatment is a proven way to help keep cavities at bay.

Even though most folks will understandably associate fluoride with flavored foam, as it is commonly ingested in daily life, fluoride doesn’t possess any distinctive flavor. Many municipalities in the United States add fluoride to the water because of its proven benefits, and the taste is undetectable. In fact, even untreated natural spring water contains small amounts of fluoride that leave no strong impression on the palate.

Regardless of fluoride’s flavor (or lack thereof), the key takeaway is that regular consumption of this mineral is an essential part of protecting your smile.


How exactly does fluoride play such a major role in protecting your teeth and improving quality of life? Here are some of the key benefits of fluoride consumption you should be aware of:

  • Fluoride naturally reinforces and strengthens the enamel which serves the essential function of protecting teeth from acids which lead to softening and decay.
  • On top of strengthening enamel, fluoride combats the harmful acids produced by plaque buildup, which can rot teeth when left unchecked.
  • Because a healthy intake of fluoride so effectively fortifies teeth, those who consume it in the proper amounts save a substantial amount of money by avoiding costly restorative dental care.


Considering the many benefits associated with regular fluoride consumption you might be reading and wondering, “what do I need to do to ingest enough fluoride?” Thankfully, the answer is a simple one. The best thing anyone can do to ensure their fluoride consumption is at appropriate levels is brush at least twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste. This consistent, twice-daily routine, combined with regular visits to your dentist, will give you the confidence of knowing you’re taking full advantage of fluoride’s power to fend off cavities and strengthen your smile.


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